Alima's Purse at Bittersweet Co.

Are you looking for some unique gift?

When you purchase at Alima’s Purse,

you’ve truly made a purchase with a purpose.

One in five people around the world struggles to survive on less than a dollar a day. Finding adequate income to support oneself and family is a global problem.


We at ALIMA'S PURSE, partner with many cooperatives and artisans both home and abroad to provide a market for their creations and to pay a fair wage. Many are women working at home or in small groups. Some artisans are HIV positive, widows or rescued from slavery. We keep our overhead as low as possible and all our profits are donated. This allows us to create a circle of giving to help those in severe need both at home and abroad.


When you buy items from ALIMA'S PURSE, you've truly made a purchase with a purpose.


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